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Key facts about the industry 2000-2013

Compounded Annual growth (%)
Herd size (million head 2013): 1.71 2.8%
Turn off/slaughter (million head 2013) 0.22 2.9%
Turn off rate/Slaughter rate (% 2013) 13 0.2%
Cattle meat (thousand tonnes 2013)4 28.6 4.1%
Cattle meat supply (kg/person 2013) 4.23 2.4%

Source: adapted from FAO (2014).


  • Laos is a small beef producer in the Southeast Asian region.
  • Production is mainly traditional crop-livestock systems predominated with yellow cattle. Market-oriented systems are not yet popular.
  • Shortage of feed is a critical constraint for increasing cattle production and productivity.
  • The processing sector is at a primary stage, largely dominated by licensed small scale slaughterhouses.
  • Beef production in Laos has been able to meet the relatively modest demand for livestock products within the country.
  • Buffalo and cattle from the Laos are in demand, particularly in the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, and Viet Nam.
  • Laos is a transit country for cattle in the Mekong region. Traders often source cattle from Thailand to supply markets in Vietnam and China. Cross-border price differentials played a crucial role in shaping the cattle trade patterns.
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