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Key facts about the industry 2000-2013

Compounded Annual growth (%)
Herd size (million head 2013): 5.15 0.8%
Turn off/slaughter (million head 2013) 0.53 3.0%
Turn off rate/Slaughter rate (% 2013) 10.2 2.4%
Cattle meat (thousand tonnes 2013)4 160 1.1%
Cattle meat supply (kg/person 2013) 2.39 1.0%

Source: adapted the Office of Agricultural Statistics (2014).

4 The cattle meat production figures were calculated from reports on number of cattle slaughtered. Average carcass weight is 144 kg/head.


  • Cattle, mostly South Eastern provinces of Thailand, are widely raised by small holders in mixed cattle-crop systems.
  • The predominant breeds are Thai native cattle, and crossbreds including Tak and Kabinburi. The number of commercial feedlots is small (1%).
  • The Thai government has implemented a number of important programs to improve breeds and become more self-sufficient and cut beef imports.
  • Beef production in Thailand serves for high value, mid value and generic value beef markets.
  • Beef production in Thailand has not been able to meet the domestic consumption.
  • Thailand is a net exporter of live cattle, and a transit country for cattle movement in the Mekong region.
  • Unofficial imports of live cattle from Myanmar, and unofficial exports to Cambodia and Laos have reportedly increased in the past years in response to a growing demand from Vietnam and China.
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