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Beef prices

Reliable price series of beef or cattle are not available. Section 7 provides an idea of live cattle prices (over-the-scales in Dili), while Table 1 provides a snapshot of beef prices through different retail outlets.

Table 1. Prices of beef in various retail outlets in TL, 2013-14

The prices suggest that generic beef prices in Dili are not dissimilar to those in Kupang (MoA, various years). Prices in Kupang in 2013 averaged Rp70,313/kg and the average exchange rate was 10,404 (equivalent of $6.80 / kg). In 2014, the average price was Rp76,458 and the exchange rate increased to Rp11,836 (equivalent of $6.50). While prices of cattle sold to Indonesia are higher than those to Dili, there appears to be integration between beef markets. Table 1 also suggests significant premiums (of around 35%) for generic type cuts sold through higher value chains (supermarkets and butcher shops).

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